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People unfamiliar with elections are unaware of how the pieces fit together. To most registered voters, voting is simple: you get your ballot, make your selections, feed your ballot into the voting machine, or return it by mail. Then, on Election Night, you watch TV to see who won.

But, for those like us, who have built a federally certified voting system, or who have closely monitored election administration and outcomes in a swing state, elections are anything but simple. The patchwork of election laws, procedural inconsistencies, contradictory technical requirements, and a highly polarized electorate have set the stage for the large-scale disinformation campaign we are currently experiencing.

Now, at a time when “concerns,” not facts, drive legislation, and when specious “forensic audits” erode the winner’s right to govern legitimately, we are compelled to fight back by providing factual analysis.

With over 35 years of combined election experience, we know that there are publicly available tools and data that can debunk election disinformation. If legislators, litigators, and judges were aware of this data, they could be more effective in stopping additional “forensic audits.” Armed with hard data, the media could shift the narrative away from anecdotal “evidence” and “concerns” to facts.


Benny White holds a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Concord Law School, is well-versed in Arizona election law, and every aspect of voter registration, election administration, recounts and election audits. He served on the Pima County Election Integrity Commission from its founding in 2008 until 2016 and has recently been reappointed as representative of the Pima County Administrator to that commission. In 2016 White served as the Representative for the Republican Party in the recount of the Presidential election in Wisconsin. He has participated in the Arizona Election Procedures Manual revision committee for several revisions as the representative of the Arizona Republican Party. White currently serves as a data analyst for the Pima County Republican Party and the Arizona Republican Party.

Larry Moore is the founder and retired Chief Executive Officer of the Clear Ballot Group, which pioneered independent audits of the primary voting system companies. Moore invented and patented the “visualization of voter intent,” which has been used to build trust and achieve finality in over 200 election audits.

Tim Halvorsen is the retired Chief Technology Officer of the Clear Ballot Group. At Clear Ballot, Halvorsen designed and wrote the tabulation and audit software for the first de novo voting system to achieve federal certification in over a decade. He has been active in designing and writing software products (e.g. DEC VMS, Lotus Notes, ClearCount, ClearAudit) for over 40 years, and has participated in the startup of a number of successful technology companies.

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