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2023-5-4AZCentral.comThousands of texts from Trump allies stay hidden in Arizona a year after judge’s order on ‘audit’
2023-1-27Deseret NewsKari Lake lost tens of thousands of Republican voters. It cost her the election
2023-1-24NewsNation.comInterview of Benny White by Dan Abrams
2023-1-24Newsweek.comKari Lake Lost Election Because Republicans Voted for Others, Report Claims“How many Republican voters in Maricopa County chose Katie Hobbs over Kari Lake?” #ELB
2023-1-22Washington PostA new study shows just how much election deniers in Arizona cost the GOP
2023-1-22AZCentral.comHow many Republican voters chose Katie Hobbs over Kari Lake
2022-1-27The New RepublicMeet the Trio Who May Have Figured Out How to Save American Democracy
2021-11-26Arizona Daily StarTim Steller’s opinion: New reports show AZ audit fatally flawed from start to finish
2021-11-23Arizona RepublicAriz. audit blasted by election analysts
2021-11-17AZCentral.comWhite House phone calls, baseless fraud charges: The origins of the Arizona election review (Part 1) – 5 Part Series
2021-10-13Proof by Seth AbramsonMAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Revelation Involving January 2 Call Between Trump and Insurrectionist Leaders Confirms That Trump Coordinated the January 6 Coup Conspiracy Personally
2021-10-12AZCentralNew Arizona audit review shows Cyber Ninjas didn’t count 312K ballots, double counted 23K
2021-10-08AZCentralMaricopa County debunks key election audit findings as ‘faulty claims’
2021-10-05RawStoryHow the Cyber Ninjas ended up delivering what Republicans really wanted in Arizona
2021-10-02The National MemoStinging Postscript To Arizona ‘Audit’ Exposes Ballot Recount As Inaccurate And Incomplete
2021-10-01AZMirror‘Audit’ expert Shiva Ayyadurai didn’t understand election procedures. He made a number of false signature claims
2021-10-01Washington ExaminerMaricopa 2020 auditors ‘made up’ numbers, election analysts say
2021-10-01NY TimesArizona Vote Review ‘Made Up the Numbers,’ Election Experts Say
2021-10-01AZCentralData in audit report shows Cyber Ninjas’ hand count is ‘fiction,’ election analysts say
2021-09-28AlterNet2020 election deniers still clinging to conspiracy theories after Arizona debacle
2021-09-27AZCentralThe Gaggle: The Arizona ballot review is over. Now what?
2021-09-26AZCentralArizona audit promoted doubt, not election integrity, analysts say
2021-09-25AZMirrorA multitude of unsubstantiated claims and no proof of fraud
2021-09-25AZCentralMaricopa County calls Arizona election audit irresponsible, dangerous
2021-09-25WSJTrump loses Arizona – Again
2021-09-25VoxArizona finished its audit, Other states are just getting started
2021-09-25AP NewsGOP review finds no proof Arizona election stolen from Trump
2021-09-25SlateThe Arizona election audit reveals more votes for Biden, no evidence of fraud
2021-09-25AZCentralArizona Senate leaders confirm Biden win but call for further review of election procedures
2021-09-24MediaiteMaricopa County Live-Tweets Fact-Check of AZ Audit Press Conference
2021-09-24AZCentralArizona audit draft report confirms Biden beat Trump in 2020
2021-09-24ABC 15 NewsFirst look at draft of election audit report ahead of Friday release
2021-09-24NY TimesRepublican Review of Arizona Vote Fails to Show Stolen Election
2021-09-24ReutersTrump lost in Arizona, says draft of contentious election audit
2021-09-24CNBCTrump friendly Cyber Ninjas audit of Arizona votes still shows Biden won
2021-09-24NPRControversial Election Review In Arizona Confirms Biden Win
2021-09-20AZCentralFrom rural Florida to Trump allies’ inner circle: Who is the Cyber Ninja leading Arizona’s audit?
2021-09-17AZCentralTrio of election experts offers Arizona Senate another chance to check Cyber Ninjas audit work
2021-09-15AZCentralThe Gaggle: Election audit experts weigh in on Arizona audit after offering their help
2021-09-13VotingBoothArizona Mystery: Did Cyber Ninjas Botch Another 2020 Presidential Recount Attempt?
2021-09-08AZCentralGaggle podcast September 8, 2021
2021-07-07Proof by Seth AbramsonMAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Significant New Evidence Emerges That the Arizona “Audit” Now Aimed at Discrediting the 2020 Election May Be a Criminal Conspiracy Born in Florida and Involving Donald Trump
2021-09-03AZCentralSenate hires conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine activist for further review of ballots
2021-08-26The DispatchBrace for Disinformation: Here Comes the Cyber Ninjas Report
2021-08-26AZCentralJudge orders Cyber Ninjas to preserve audit records in lawsuit filed by The Arizona Republic
2021-08-24Washington ExaminerArizona Supreme Court delays release of election audit records
2021-08-24AZCentralArizona Supreme Court delays release of election audit records from Cyber Ninjas
2021-08-23Washington PostReport on Arizona ballot review is delayed after Cyber Ninjas chief and colleagues test positive for coronavirus
2021-08-23AZMirrorFull ‘audit’ report delayed after Cyber Ninjas head, others get COVID-19
2021-08-23Tucson.comArizona Senate makes last-ditch effort to keep records of audit company secret
2021-08-23CBS NewsArizona election audit report to be handed over to Republican state lawmakers
2021-08-20AZMirrorElection experts launch preemptive strike against Arizona ‘audit’ findings
2021-08-20AZCentralAs Cyber Ninjas prepare report on Maricopa County election results, Arizona elections officials rip audit
2021-08-15AZCentralArizona Senate used Cyber Ninjas’ attorney to conduct ‘independent’ recount
2021-08-09National MemoNew Report Provides Further Proof That Arizona Audit Is ‘A Hoax’
2021-08-03Arizona RepublicIf legitimacy is what Fann’s after, release audit findings now  
2021-07-28Washington PostArizona’s GOP-backed ballot review has raised nearly $5.7 million in private donations, organizers say  
2021-07-27CBS NewsArizona Senate liaison to ballot audit raises transparency concerns, threatens to quit  
2021-07-27AZ RepublicKen Bennett worries the Senate auditors could be cooking the numbers. Gee, ya think?  
2021-07-27Daily IndependentBennett locked out as Maricopa County audit liaison  
2021-07-23AZMirrorDamage done: Audit leader’s testimony sets off nationwide wave of misinformation  
2021-07-23AZCentralSenate liaison Ken Bennett blocked from entering Arizona election audit as tension with contractors boils over  
2021-07-13  AZMirrorFann says audit team, Maricopa County have different ballot totals  
2021-07-12Real-Audit TeamChallenge Letter to Sen. Fann July 12, 2021
2021-06-18ABC15 3 of 3What’s ballot adjudication and how does it affect Arizona’s election audit?  
2021-06-17ABC15 2 of 3Public data traces Biden-only and Trump-only ballots in 2020 Arizona election  
2021-06-17Washington ExaminerArizona election analysis finds GOP voters disenchanted with Trump helped Biden win  
2021-06-16ABC15 1 of 3The other Arizona election audit: Disaffected Republicans handed Arizona to Joe Biden  
2021-06-13National MemoTensions Flare Among Arizona Republicans Over Discredited ‘Fraudit’  
2021-06-13Truthout.orgSeasoned Auditors Challenge Arizona Senate to Let Them Confirm 2020 Results  
2021-06-12AZCentralSenate President Fann not responding to recount challenge from election experts  
2021-06-12ABC NewsRepublican election analyst challenges AZ audit to compare its findings with his  
2021-06-10AZCentralElection experts offer challenge to Cyber Ninjas: We can count ballots without opening boxes  
2021-05-24Daily KosArizona Analysis Shows That Many Republicans Did Not Vote for Trump in 2020  
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