Our Reports


Our Review of the Cyber Ninja Hand Count and the Senate Machine Count
Report of our review of the November 1 release of Cyber Ninja hand count and Senate machine count of the 2020 Maricopa County General Election


Donald Trump’s Claims About Pima County — Wrong Again, Still
Rebuttal of Donald Trumps false claims about election fraud in Pima County Arizona


Review of the 9/24 Arizona Senate Hand Count
We ran a detailed analysis of the report submitted by Randy Pullen and came to the following conclusion:
The magnitude of the discrepancy between the Senate machine count of ballots and the Cyber Ninja’s hand count of those same ballots makes any discussion of vote counts meaningless and calls into question the veracity of the Senate audit.
If you are really into data you might want to look at the spreadsheet that goes with the report.


Review of the Draft Report for the Arizona Senate Audit of the Maricopa County 2020 General Election
We obtained a draft of the report to be submitted tomorrow and made comments about some of the contents of the draft.


Report called “Lessons from Maricopa County – Slow Data vs. Fast Lies, analyzing the claims and methods being used by the Cyber Ninjas.

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