Maricopa Hoax – Evidence the Ninjas results were made up

In an election contest, there is a mathematical identity that defines the relationship between ballots cast and votes for a given contest. For any collection of ballots in a contest, even on a single ballot, the number of ballots cast in the contest must equal the sum of votes for candidates (including write-ins), plus the number of overvotes and undervotes.

# Ballots = [Sum (votes for candidates) + Write-in votes + Undervotes  + Overvotes ] / VoteRule


  • OverVotes = N x VoteRule (where N = number of ballots where the designated contest is overvoted)
  • UnderVotes = Vote Rule – Number of Votes  

In the September 24 announcement, as sown below, the identity was satisfied.

However, in the data delivered on November 1, at least 50 boxes had a difference between the reported ballot count and the sum of votes, overvotes, and undervotes – and those differences did not cancel out each other. An excerpt of boxes where the identity is not preserved is shown below.

Therefore, the identity of all ballots could not have been preserved.

In conclusion, the Ninjas made up the results they announced on September 24, 2021.

Author: Larry Moore

I founded the Clear Ballot Group in 2009 as an audit firm. My goal was to bring a new class of tools to help election officials build trust in the integrity of their elections. In early 2018, Clear Ballot became the first company in over a decade to bring a new voting system successfully through federal certification. I retired from Clear Ballot in December 2018. Now, I've joined Benny White and Tim Halvorsen to bring our expertise to debunk the disinformation surrounding the Maricopa 2020 election.

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