Maricopa Wack-a-Mole: The Audit Guys Debunk Dr. Shiva Ayyaduri’s “Analysis” of Ballot Images

Benny White, J.D.

March 8, 2022

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s ballot image analysis report has finally been published and has about the same value as the reports published in September 2021 by the CyberNinjas and Randy Pullen.  They are all worthless, but very misleading and expensive.  Dr. Ayyadurai’s report is an extensive disinformation effort.

To summarize, Dr. Ayyadurai’s claims of differences between his analysis and the Dominion results reflect his misunderstanding of electronic adjudication in particular and election administration in general. Our analysis of his report shows how Dr. Ayyadurai’s faulty analysis can be easily explained with an accurate review of the Cast Vote Record, invalidating his conclusions.

Author: Benny White

J.D., Republican, Data Analyst for the Arizona Republican Party, Represent Pima County Administrator as member of Pima County Election Integrity Commission, 25 years of political activity, 14 years experience with election law, procedures and administration.

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